Meet Emily, Film Production Graduate and Producer

Emily has always been interested in creative projects. Having a background in entertainment marketing, Emily wanted to continue down this creative path in English. So, she did some research and came across Toronto Film School where she decided to take Film Production.

“The first week I met people who introduced me to the world [Film Production] and they were in terms ahead of me, which meant that they could bring me on to different experiences.”




“Because all of the instructors have jobs within the industry, it was very easy to ask them for advice and see their work and understand the line to get to what you want to do.”






“We shot Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*), which was a really interesting experience. Running between runway and shooting in the media lounge, working with different kinds of people was a very supportive and beautiful environment to be in.”


You can catch Emily again at TOM* SS17 shooting the runway and media lounge acting as Assistant Producer. Keep up to date on what’s happening at the show on Instagram.





“My experience with the Canadian Film Fest, is that it seems like the Canadian film industry is very supportive of each other. You show up to other people’s works, you look at what other people do, you support each other, you talk to each other, you encourage each other.”





“You have to keep a cool head and realise it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of your heart and you can’t take offence if someone doesn’t think your work is good enough. Because at the end of the day its all opinions, and if your head is in it and your heart is in it, you should always do it.”