Lester Lewis, Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre Student and Aspiring Actor

Lester Lewis, came from Belize to study acting in Toronto. He loved the vibe of the big city and wanted a change of scenery from the tropics to seeing snow for the first time. As an aspiring actor, he loves to challenge himself with different and unique characters.


“I wanted to choose acting because I think there’s a lot of parts that are unexplored and acting helps me explore those parts.”





“I chose to come to Toronto and I loved the scenery and I wanted to see snow for the first time.”




“The Toronto Film School had everything. It’s the film, theatre and television and each of them are such different and specific mediums and I wanted to be able to act in each of them.”








“The learning environment is really great! Teachers are all working professionals. Every class you are together and it’s a good energy in the class.”





“You have production students and acting students. They are already doing short films outside of school and we get to be a part of that. I want to act for a living. What I am getting here is helping me do that.”