Acting Alumnus Reflects on His Move to Toronto To Pursue Acting

For Moon Patel, acting isn’t just something he is passionate about on a personal level, it is also a skill he plans to use to spread happiness and a positive message in his community.

“Since my childhood, I wanted to become an actor and entertainer because acting is the only passion I feel from my heart,” Moon explained. “Moreover, I believe that with my acting skill I can give and share happiness, emotions and a positive message in my community.”



Two years ago Moon, who is now 27-years-old, made the life-changing decision to move from India to Toronto with the dream of becoming an actor. After enroling in the Acting for Film, Television and Theatre Diploma, not only did Moon find the instructors to teach him the skills he needed, he found friends to support him along the way. Since his first class Moon said, he and his classmates have been like a family.

“Not only the students, the instructors, we feel like a family,” Moon said, adding that it is this new second family that helped to make his transition to living in Toronto easier.



During the 18 months he spent earning his acting diploma, Moon acted in a number of short films, two stage productions, a web series and the film he co-wrote and produced was selected to screen at the 2018 Toronto Film School Festival of Films. Moon said he feels particularly proud of his having performed on stage in English.

“I feel so proud and glad to be a part of Toronto Film School,” Moon said. “My journey with Toronto Film School was my best part of my life.”

Since graduating, Moon has been working on a web-series in Canada and also working on Indian regional movie project in India.